Chess Evolution January 2013

Chess Evolution January 2013

A termék ára: 3 900 Ft

A multinational team of Super-GMs analyse the most important recent games, using their world-class skill and powerful computers. This volume is essential to anyone interested in the most up-to-date and highest quality opening theory. 

Editor-in-chief GM Arkadij Naiditsch on the contents of Chess Evolution January 2013: 

"As usual, we tried to accumulate the most interesting games of the past months with top commentaries for you. We have a total of 40 very well analyzed games with names like: Carlsen, Aronian, Kramnik, Caruana, Anand and many more top grandmasters. 

In addition, we bring you a small report from the Wijk aan Zee Tata Steel tournament, covering great games like Aronian-Anand, where Black showed an amazing preparation"